world cup round 4,la bresse,france

so my first bad race of the year went down in france over the weekend.everything leading up to the race went perfect and i feel like i got my taper just right with coach jeroen swarts help.i alo loved the course in had a long sustained climb and a long technical descent.most days it was pretty slick out there too which caused a lot of pre race injuries.

we kicked off at our normal time slot of 2pm and as always the pace was crazy.i managed to get over the first climb in 5th and felt good as we setup for the first dh.this however would be where my weekend took a turn.i got rammed from behind and pushed of the track.stunned at first,i could get took awhile for me to get back up to the trail and once i got going i realized my front tire had come off the i rolled down to the technical zone and changed a wheel.once i restarted i was pretty much last.i had to reset my goals for the day and just focus on scoring some points.the leaders were already a long way up the road.for the first two laps i think i walked most of the course.its crazy how congested it is at the back of the legs were good though and i started picking off a lot of riders.i had a smooth race from there and by the end i managed to move up to 24th.satisfying as i must have been in the 120s on lap 1.

this week is even more exciting than the olympics for me.i get to marry the love of my life,cherise on saturday and enjoy some time off before the second half of the season starts,