theres only one spot to get reception at the s/lesotho border post...

it feels like forever since i last borded a plane to europe and im not complaining.over the last few weeks ive done some of my best mid season training ever and after three hard weeks of long hours i even got to take alittle holiday.cherise and i joined some good friends for a stay in underberg last week.we left the bikes at home and decided to explore lesotho by 4x4 instead.the weather was great and we got to hike in the snow when we got to the top of black mountain.
this is the pub at the top of sani pass 2973m absl

this was cherises' first time in the white stuff
the pass was pretty icy
after returning on thursday ive been shaping up my form for the next few world cups coming up.this is the more painful part of training as i start pushing way above my lactic threshold.basically it means im doing efforts where i ride in the "burn" zone for most of the time.atleast i get to ride less and have more time to watch the tour de france which started on the weekend.the prologue was interesting with mr amstrong sending a strong message to contador.fabian cancellara did his normal thing and rode his specialized time trial bike straight to the top of the podium.i think we are set up for some awesome racing over the next three weeks.

this weekend ill take part in the toti 69er road race before heading to pta for the sa cross-country championships next weekend...

happy trails