man its been a long time since ive been home and had absolutely nothing to do!!!i was however carrying somke flu for most of this week wich was abit of a bummer.never the less i got to do all my favourite things.i drank huge loads of coffee,hung out friends,hit the beach,ran and even did some solid rides.

the coolest of these rides was on was a pretty cool over cast day with minimal wind which made it perfect for some hard trail riding.i decided to ride the old hibiscus classic route which first took place in 1998 if i remember correctly.i was about 10 years old and it was our little clubs first attempt at putting on a race.on the morning of the inaugural event the rain came bucketing down and we figured it best to just cancel.little did we know that real mountainbikers dont cancel just because of alittle rain and the riders showed up in numbers at my parents farm.we had no choice but to forge ahead with myself and brother competing in the race wasnt the norm for me to ride in wet conditions yet so i was suited to the max and even sported some tracksuit pants!

riding the route again after so many years ended up being such a cool experience and took me back to the days when the going in my opinion was realy hard!i couldnt think that a 10 year old could and would want to ride up and down some of those hills.the infamous "firebreak" section which was basically like a two wheeld version of russian roulette is now a sweet singletrack paradise due to some major quad bike excavating.i had loads of fun exploring those valleys and cant wait to spend more time out there in the summer!

tommorow(tuesday) i head out to my last event of the year.the roc d'azur festival in france.its a super cool race right on the beach,what more could i ask for?another higlight is the bmx supercross race race that takes place there aswell.acording to siphis nhlapos twitter its going to be the biggest supercross race ever.ill be in the stands cheering him on for sure!

also happening this weekend is the lake eland classic at oribi gorge.good luck to all the competitors.mind the elands!