after a fun weekends road riding it was time to get back onto the dirt.cherise and I did a couple of good training rides this week and got dirty on most occasions.unfortunatly i was struck down by a cold mid week and this not only made training hard but also slowed down my preperations for my new specialized concept store.

on saturday i felt a whole lot better and got my s-works 29er into race dress.cherise's bike also needed some love and i managed to get a spin in before we left to pmb. on the way there we stopped at the new store premises to do the final measuring,i think its going to look spectacular.i couldn't help checking out the pet store next door where i found the newest member of our familly,a boerboel who is now named "boet". it was perfect timing as we need a watch dog for our new house.

after some heavy rains we woke up to an overcast morning on sunday. the race kicked off pretty early and i was still strugeling to wake up on the start line around 8. i was pleased to see that cherise was prob gona be my bigest competition. it was an awesome day out with a great course good marking and awesome prize money. thanks to all involved. cherise did come in 2nd so i am going to have to start whatching my back.

i hope this week serves up some better weather and better health.

on a final note well done to fellow country man and specialized rider conrad (the cave man) stoltz for winning the xtera world championships for a record 4th time.