this weekend was the first time i realy had to stretch my legs,i must say it felt went well last week for most part and i was feeling good leading into the weekend.first up was the tt on saturday.we raced around the toyota test track close to eston for 40.5km.i started off realy fast and payed for it midway through before recovering and surging again near the equipment worked great and ive realy been enjoying my tt sessions aboard the new specialized shiv 3.i finished the 40.5km in 52min 30 seconds giving me an average of 46.5kmh and my first tt win.

on sunday we arrived in eston with the rain pouring from the skies.with low moral i took to the start line for the 120km race.we were a good sized bunch with kzn's only pr team tasol/gt lining up with a full compliment of the first 30km there were loads of attacks as it kept pouring but everything seemed to stay together.i was determined to not let anything get away ans i was up for some good training so i made sure to set a high tempo at the front of the around the 50km mark there was 2 riders off the front and with no one else willing to close the gap i drove hard on a long the top the group was split to just five and we soon joined the two up front.along umbumbulu road i gain forced the pace on a long climb and we entered the 10km van der merwes circuit with just four rider.myself,luke roberts,brandon stewardt and richard baxter entered the last 40km together and i could sense the fatigue in the we hit the hard climb on the circuit i attacked and managed to open a gap on the other three.i slowly opened the gap until the elastic finally snapped and i got a good gap.i time trialed the last 35km to win my first kzn road champs.

thanks alot to westville cycling club for an awesome event!