final preperations.

the hard training continued this week with alot of focus on big races start next weekend with a world cup in the czech rebublic.the weather has been a bit challenging still and i realy had to force the motivation some days.nevertheless im happy with the work ive done.

on sunday i headed to eston to do a smaller training race and get some suffering done as my legs were realy tired from the hard training.the race was only 60km long and very fast.the pace was realy good and our local sa pros are at a high level right now.we were a group of three heading to the finsh at 5km to go.i felt better and better as the race went on and was trying to break clear on the last 5km to go however i struck something in some tall grass we were riding through and and went down handlebar stuck into the ground and snapped from the impact.i picked myself up and decided to just consolidate to the finsh and ended up 3rd.the victory was taken by brandon stewardt and phillip buys sprinted ahead of me for 2nd.

golfing on the south coast was pretty challenging too last week and i only got to play twice in some knarly wind to boot. ill now have to pack the clubs away with all the racing over the next month.

i have a good recovery week leading up to the world cup now and fly to europe on tuesday evening.