after world champs i had the opportunity to ride in the swiss alps,in the small villag eof zermatt to be exact.upon arrival it was clear that the town was rather special.the only way to get there was by taxi or train as cars arent allowed,well no petrol ones.the town is littered with little electric boxes with wheels that zip up and down the narrow streets carrying everything from bulding supplies to tourists.the main attraction offcourse has to be the matterhorn peak that forms a magnificent backdrop.the surrounding mountains werent too shabby either and i was excited to get out there and ride!

i did however still have a very swollen and cut arm from the world champs and i had to nurse it through the trip which was a small hurdle in an otherwise perfect week.specialized braught a whole range of the new stumpjumper bikes and set us up in a super lux hotel.we were up early in the mornings to do some filming for the new bike and then spent most off the day at altitude ripping down all the technical tracks.

i even got in some pretty decent training which is good as i am racing the hill2hill this year and its coming up this weekend.on sunday gone past it was the lynford classic and i just made it home in time to take part.the course was quite hard but had alot of fun singletrack.the heat was quite a shock to my system as temps rose to 38c!

its great to see so many guys out riding on the tracks and roads.its a good sign for the summer ahead!

till next week,keep it safe out there!