the world champs took place in the small alpine village of champery in switzerland over the weekend.its a venue that i have enjoyed in recent years and the track is awesome.

in the relay i had a great ride with team sa and i anchored us home with the fastest full lap of the course of the event.we ended up 11th,just 2 sec of 10th!this gave me great motivation for my race on saturday.

the weather looked grim as we took to the line on saturday afternoon and kicked off at 4 30pm.i had a bad start and found myself mid twenties after the start loop.i did however have great legs again and soon moved into 7th.there was a lead group of 6 that got away while i was stuck in the pack but as they were fading i was realing some of them the end of the third lap it started to rain quite first i wasnt affexcted on the technical stuff in the woods but as i crossed a bridge on an open section of the track i made a huge judgement error.i slid on the slippery wood and hit the metal side of the bridge realy hard.

i injured my arm quite badly and broke the cockpit in the race was over...

its been a hard few days for me to get over the dissapointment.the whole season just didnt seem to go my way,however hard i tried.i learnt alot and im still motivated as ever.

pietermaritzurg wc is lest than 6 months away...