i just finished what felt like a whirlwind week.after the race in houffalize we drove straight to brussels where my japanese team-mate, kohei and flew to london on monday morning.we traveled there to train on the course set-out for the london olympics later this year.training went well and it was a worth while trip.on tuesday i headed back to belgium and got to spend a day with cherise and do some good training.

on thursday i was back in the air and on my way to california.it was a long trip and on friday i kicked off the weekends racing.first up was a 20min short track race and i managed to keep up with the leaders for around half the race before jetlag got the better of me.on saturday things went abit better and i managed to stay in the lead with eventual winner geoff kabush until about 20min from the end where i once again ran in fatigue.

the wwkend however was alot of fun and it was great catching up with the guys from specialized head office.this week i make my way home and reume some strucutred training to prepare for the next world cups,maybe ill fit in some golf.