its been a tough two weeks getting over the fatigue i aquired at the epic.even though we had an awesome week it still takes so much out of you and as if that wasnt enough i suffered some bad stomach flu followed by a head cold upon arriving in a chilly belgium.

weird thing was i was making pretty good power on the bike and just took a few extra recovery days.i also met up with cherise in houffalize and that was super good for my moral.

the course in houffalize was brand new for this was super steep on the climbs and the descents and did i mention it was freezing!my weeks training went pretty smoothly and the team was great as always.

race day dawn quickly and we kicked of at 2pm on saturday.the start loop was brutal.500m on tar followed by a super steep and loose ascent.i managed a good start and sat in around 5th for most of the start loop.on the first full lap the gaps were opening and i got gaped alittle as nino schurter and julien absalon made their move.i was stuck in 4th with manuel fumic on my wheel.i had good power but not alot of snap to accelerate.this meant ui just rode steady and tried not to make any mistakes.on the last lap my legs realy came on and i almost bridged up to marco fontana who finished in third but it wasnt to be.i came in 4th 1min 2o down on winner julien absalon.

this week im doing some course recon in london for the games later this year and at the weekend ill be racing in california at the sea otter classic.

till then