this time around im trying my hand at the world marathon championships.ive raced the xc world championships since 2004 and in 2003 i raced the downhill wolrd champs.last year i gave the road world championships a go.maybe ill hit some cross next year?

benno gave my 29er some love and got it into its marathon atire and some new carbon wheels which saw the weight drop to just under 8.4kilograms.the course is quite fast with no major climbs or however is up and down and almost never straight or will be atough race for sure but the stumpy is the perfect tool.

this was the view from my hotel room in suziville.the guy has a good deal between this place and the bosch.

it wasn't long before we were back to this though.two days this week was spent on the road.the rest on watching mtv and riding alittle whilst trying not to eat the whole of germany.

we had alot of gear to cart between italy,switzerland and germany.good thing suzi loves vans.

cherise just left for france with the national team to prepare for commonwealth games.she is pretty pumped.i hope it goes well for her and the team.hats off to csa for making the right moves towards the games prep.

bobby is arriving tommorow to watch the worlds en route to an itu world cup next week.we dont see him that often as he now manages the mtn and tri scene between moving from sa to the us and he is an ex triathlete he has shown some tendancy to be boased towards the triathlons.this means we have to give him alot of shit whenever we see him.speedos come up quite often...

i need to go work on some material before he arrives...