im back on the road this week.i had some good training days and rest early on in the week before embarking on my trip to the usa on saturday.usualy i fly through europe and spend alot of time sitting around due to layovers.this time round i made a direct flight from johannesburg to atlanta followed by a short hop to albany which is only an hours drive away from this weekends world cups site in travel time was cut from around 25 hours to 18hrs.thats pretty neat in my books.

windham seems to be a very small ski-town that only booms in the winter as i havent seen too many people and the town stretches for only about is the norm for east coast towns its been raining since i got here but still warm due to the humidity.sandy and dylan our mechanics arrive today so ill be able to drive to the nearest grocery store which i hear is 12miles away...froot loops just aint going to cut it for breakfast,americans seem to like eating sweets early in the mornings?

im looking forward to the world cup this weekend.the form seems good and im highly motivated.its crazy how fast this season has gone this year.i cant believe its over in two weeks...

the site has been hurting for pics lately,i wonder if i can find some good stuff in the next few days?