world cup finals,albany,new york

i had my best travel to the usa ever last week and a pretty smooth few days of practice leading up to the was the last world cup of the season.a season in which i had a few up and downs and i was realy focused on a big result this weekend.

i got a new 29er hardtail bike on tuesday and it is awesome.the bike weighs only 8.3kg and rolls super fast.the geometry is also slightly different to the old one which meant i could drop my goofy looking 24 deg negative interresting fact is that suz ,todd and i all rode different model bikes on the weekend and we all loved them.

the hot weather turned up for our race that kicked off at 2 30pm on saturday.the suz ,todd and i all had good call ups.i had a great start and just followed wheels on the first lap while sitting in 5th.on the second lap i started moving up the group as it kept breaking up and coming the front it was myself,nino shurter and florian vogel,both from the scott-swisspower team.on the 4th lap we descended realy slow down to start the 5th lap which saw a group of 3 riders was my team mate that happened i suffered my second flat of the year.i had to stop to re-inflate the tire and try and get the sealant inside to did after some time and i got back on the road in 8th.i had to stop once more for some air on the last lap and just maintained that position.suzie road well upfront attacking on the last climb,but was unable to shake the group.he ended up 4th and was right up there.

this week we head to world championships in mont st anne,canada.the form is good so im realy excited for it as the vorm seams good.

happy trails