windham again played host to our american round on the uci world cup tour.the venue was great as it was last year and coupled with great weather,4th of july celebrations and a good vibe in the team we, we had a great week.the course had the same layout as we raced on last year aswell.a 3km stretch of mostly uphill saw us ascend 200m per lap and then followed by a 2km downhill section that popped in and out of some technical,rough and slippery singletrack.

we kicked of at 2 30pm on saturday which meant on the first lap we felt allittle heat.i had a bad start as there was some confusion with the starters gun at the start.i rode most of the first climb in the 20s and making sure to not go too deep in the red.this payed off as i moved rapidly forward on lap 2 and by lap 3 i was up with the chase group fighting for second.jaroslav proved once again that he is the man of the moment and lead from the front for the entire race once again.

christoph and i fought out the other podium positions with nino schurter and marco fontana in the end.christoph attacked super hard on the last lap and i just could hold the wheels.i had to settle for 4th as he raced on for 3rd.

it was an incredible team for our team after all the hard work the mechanics and sougneurs put in.we once again won the team competition and leave north america with jara in 1st,me in 4th,suzi in 8thand todd in 16th on the world cup rankings.its now back home as i prepare for the last few world cups and the big one which is world champs in switzerland.

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