last week was a good one for me,training wise.the weather was awesome and my motivation got better as the week progressed.i feel like im now totally over the usa trip and my last couple of races.

on saturday i had a groupride at my shop.we bui;lt a new xc track in waterfall and will be using it for most of outrides.the course is a fun,twisty trail that runs continualy up and down a forested is well suited to every skill level but has some optional sections for those wanting to push themselves alittle.for those wanting to check it out contact the shop concept cyclery at 031-762 1416.

the rest of the week was spent on the golf course.the courses around the south coast are perfect right now.the greens are rolling super quick and our fairways dont seem to die out in our moderate winter.we shall see what happens after the big rains this week.

this weekend i have more hard training to do before i get ready for my last big races of the year.ill do the illovo eston race as a warm up race next weekend before heading to europe.