since the long arduous travel to canada i spent most of the week recovering and getting familiar with the wet and technical course that we were to race on over the weekend.the weather all week was pretty gloom but it was fun riding on the course.the lap was similar to last year,it was just abit rougher and more slippery.

the sun came out and i was expecting the course dry up immensly for our race,in the woods however,it stayed supper boggy.i made a slight judgement error and went for our fastest,smoothest tire on the rear.

at the start i had great legs and lead up thefirst climb on the start loop.before we entered the first singletrack jaroslav,florian vogel and nino schurter snuck by me entering the woods.jaroslav killed the first section and soon had a gap on us as we rode into each other a few times.

i was feeling great on the climbs and pedalling sections,but somehow unbalanced and wobbling on the technical stuff.on the third lap i was riding up the first big climb in 5th and making up good time before sliding out and crashing on the beatrice drop.i slipped down to 7th and would have to make up lost time agian.i never quite found my rythm on the technical but climbed well to end up in 6th,its not what id hope for but promising coming into windham this weekend.

jaroslav smashed the field to win by close on 2min.definitely inspirational for me going into the rest of the season!